Pop-up Package Design

This project was a colaboration with Katarina Czikorova - graphic designer, art director and a active member of Academy of Art. Katarina approached me with a playful yet sophisticated project, which combined an old school motion technique known as a Phenakistoscope with a modern graphic design approach and blended it in a unique interactive installation of five rotating vinyl disks. As the disk rotates, the printed visuals on the disk are set in motion and create an illusion of being animated. I was approached with a task to redesign and manufacture packaging for the set. The brief requested a use of pop-up technique, which is well known in the world of bookbinding as well as greeting cards design. The end result consists of five individual pop-up covers using elements from each disk popping up when opened. The installation can be seen as a part of an art show at the Academy of Art in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. 

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