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Book projects

After completing my Illustration studies in Ireland, I've worked with various European authors and publishers. I've illustrated multiple books, each introducing me to unique narratives in languages including English, Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Slovakian, and Dutch. Here are some of the most notable titles:

Emile en la gran ciudad

"Emile en la gran ciudad" by Kike Gómez, published by Editorial Pirracas, explores the pursuit of inner happiness beyond materialistic desires. Through its engaging narrative and vivid illustrations, the book prompts children to contemplate what truly matters in life, making it a meaningful addition to any young reader's library.

Behind the iron curtain

"Behind the Iron Curtain" by Zuzana Palovic and Gabriela Bereghazyova compiles multiple true stories from individuals who lived behind the iron curtain of former communist Czechoslovakia. These stories, often surreal, reveal the harsh realities of the Cold War era.

Mujeres negras en la ciencia

"Mujeres negras en la ciencia" by Zinthia Palomino celebrates the contributions of Black women in various fields, particularly in science.


The next book in the series shines the light on Black women who have made significant contributions to philosophy. This book is slated for publication in 2024.

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