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Illustrations & Design

Futuro c.a.f.e. is a well established distributor of artisan coffee products across Northern Spain. Installing specialty coffee corners in workspaces for companies such as Inditex (H&M, Zara, Pull&Bear) and Mercedes, Futuro c.a.f.e. is a distributor of some of the top quality coffee instalments on the market. The company is well known for its sustainable approach, expertise in the art of coffee brewing as well as  being an organiser of seasonal coffee tasting workshops in the area. 


Futuro c.a.f.e.



I have been asked to create a series of illustrations and visual content that portray the company's culture and can be used across the social media, print and on their website. The graphics created are also used for the occasional pop-up coffee instalments or in various formats in modern busy work spaces. 

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