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Illustrations  & Packaging

Cloud Picker is a Dublin's pioneering coffee roastery. Established in 2013 by Frank Kavanagh and Peter Sztal, Cloud Picker was inspired by a trip to a coffee farm in Northern Thailand and has since been committed to sourcing specialty coffee from unusual places, striving for both quality and sustainability. As Dublin's first micro-roastery, Cloud Picker has a clear mission to deliver exceptional coffee and foster environmentally conscious practices.


Cloud Picker



The collaboration aimed to revolutionize coffee packaging by integrating bold and elegant graphics with advanced printing techniques and sustainable materials. Frank & Peter approached me to infuse their packaging with unique, hand-drawn illustrations of iconic elements that have a dear place in the heart of Cloud Picker such as their dog Henry, Dublin's famous Millenium Bridge or a quirky coffee plant. The project's goal was not only to enhance the visual appeal of their products but also to underscore the brand's commitment to innovation and coffee roasting artistry. This initiative proved to be a success. Cloud Picker has been awarded as The Best New Product Packaging at the World of Coffee 2018 in Amsterdam. Cloud Picker continues to blend the artistic creativity with functional design, creating products that stand out in the coffee industry and celebrate the rich coffee culture of Dublin.

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